I’m an artist exhibiting regularly since the 90s.
Most of my work  deals with science in a conceptual and playful way.
I take true scientific hypothesis and change them in poetical, ironical or plastic possibilities.
In this is included the BBB effect, where I investigate and record a self-created bacteriological accident that alters the relationship between closed inhabited spaces (mostly kitchens) and their inhabitants: the Burned By Blue collapse, or the remake of skeletons of imagined creatures. 
I also have an intensive activity in drawing as a draughtswoman and as a scholar, as I teach drawing in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon where I am Full Professor.
My interest in drawing relates not only to human-made drawings but also to accidental images, particularly those resulting from mechanical devices. 
As an academic researcher, I am interested in the cognitive processes of the act of drawing and in its specificity as a mode of non-verbal communication.

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